You have found your way to the website of the Chelmsford Climate Action
Network, a local chapter of the Massachusetts Climate Action Network
(MCAN).  For information about MCAN please visit the website at:
Chartered November 13, 2008
This volunteer organization needs YOU!
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         Chelmsford CAN
Be considerate of the environment any way you can!  Try these links...

For information about our town's recycling program, go to:

Want to place a link to your organization or business on this website?  What a great
idea!  Contact Jean Clements:
CLEAN & GREEN: Reducing our Carbon Footprint...
a series of educational programs which takes place at the Chelmsford Public Library on  
topics of clean and green technologies.  Learn together how we as responsible citizens
can reduce the carbon footprint of our community.   


Come learn more about being part of the solution - and bring a friend!  Suggestions for
future topics are always welcome - please get in touch:
Welcome to "Chelmsford CAN"!

The Town of Chelmsford, Massachusetts is a community that has a variety of
caring and thoughtful non-profit organizations.  Many local groups consider
environmental awareness, including topics like energy efficiency and water
conservation, to be an important part of everyone's agenda.  In 2008 our town
started an energy committee, and in 2009 some selectmen instituted a unique
program called the Greener Chelmsford Initiative, designed to help businesses
showcase their "green-up" efforts and show residents how they can support
their local companies' environmentally friendly business practices.  

On the ChelmsfordCAN website you will find information about local programs
and events as well as on a state, national, and global level
; things like:

  • Our annual Earth Fair where local vendors, friends, and neighbors get to
    listen to music and storytelling and share their passion for the
    environment. The 2011 fair will be held  at the Chelmsford Senior Center
    on May 14th from 12:00pm to 3:00pm.  Hope to see you there!

  • "CLEAN & GREEN: Reducing Our Carbon Footprint", a series of
    presentations at the Chelmsford Public Library (click link at left)

  • Global Events for Climate Action, like the 2009 October 24th event...
    Chelmsford residents participated in the Energy Revolution Rally in
    Concord MA - a historic worldwide event!